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Grasim's products include viscose staple fibre (VSF), grey cement, white cement, chemicals and textiles. The cement business is conducted through our subsidiary, UltraTech Cement Limited (UltraTech).

:: VSF (a man made fibre)


Cement (through its subsidiary, UltraTech)






Viscose Staple Fibre (VSF), a man made fibre

498,000 tpa

Joint venture
:: Birla Jingwei Fibres Company Limited

72,000 tpa

Rayon grade pulp
:: Harihar, Karnataka

70,000 tpa

Joint venture
:: AV Cell Inc (Atholville, New Brunswick in Canada)

126,000 tpa

:: AV Nackawic Inc. (Nackawick, New Brunswick in Canada)

189,000 tpa

:: Domsjö Fabriker (Sweden)

255,000 tpa

:: AV Terrace Bay Inc. (North Western Ontario, Canada)

280,000 tpa

(through its subsidiary UltraTech)
:: Grey cement

63.15 million tpa

:: Ready-mix concrete plants

102 plants

:: White cement

560,000 tpa

Chemicals (Caustic soda)

452,500 tpa

Grasim Bhiwani Textiles Ltd. (Subsidiary)
:: Fabric

146 looms

:: Yarn

35,808 spindles